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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Samsung could abolish bloatware lags in Galaxy S6 with TouchWiz built from scratch

Santa it seems hasn’t been the only one busy in the workshop, Samsung has been reported to be working on building the user interface for their next Android smartphone, the Galaxy S6, from scratch. This could do away with many bloatware and lag problems that the company's phones had previously experienced.
The Galaxy S6 will have TouchWiz built up from scratch, and possibly a slopped screen like the Galaxy Note Edge.

Each time Samsung brought out a new phone, it would patch and refurbish the existing user interface without bothering to start from scratch. This means that many Sammy phones were based on the very old Gingerbread version of Android, which was the cause of all the pesky bugs and lags. Thanks to recent information from an alleged Samsung rep SamsungRep2015 on Reddit, it now seems that Samsung will be starting fresh with the Galaxy S6 and using the newest APIs that are used for Android 5.0 Lollipop.
As far as legacy features, in not 100% sure what is being brought forward, mostly because they didn’t just do a patch to the newest release from their existing codebase like usual, they built it from scratch.
Samsung is said to be working on a few new prototypes of the Galaxy S6 with the fresh faced version of TouchWiz. One of the models in question is reported to look like the Galaxy Note Edge, meaning that one side is sloped in providing a second display which adds a lot more functionality to the phone. The other prototypes are one with a dual-sided curved display, and another with just a regular display.
Project Zero is indeed a real thing. I’ve also seen two different GS6 Edge variants, one with the normal Youm display on the Edge, and one with dual curved edges. However, when I went to my orientation, a few weeks before the S5 came out I got to physically see the 5.2 inch version. Samsung prototypes a lot and things change extremely rapidly.
The Galaxy S6 has been rumored to be unveiled at the CES 2015 which kicks off in a few days in early January, however other sources mention that the Mobile World Congress in February would be more realistic.
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Galaxy S6! Read more about Galaxy S6 rumors on tech specs, release date, price and other pieces of news.
Are you looking forward to a fresh new user interface for Samsung's next smartphone? Would this persuade you to make the Galaxy S6 your next phone?

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