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Friday, October 31, 2014

Here's a working demo of Google's Project Ara phone ahead of Spiral 2

Google has been working on ending the whole hullabaloo regarding smartphones and upgrades with its modular phone project called Project Ara is common knowledge by now. What's lesser known about the Project Ara is how the actual device looks like and operates. At most, images and models have been doing the rounds so far.
The ambitious engineers behind the project at NK Labs have now created a working prototype of the modular phone that users will be able to customize by replacing blocks to their preference, thus increasing battery, storage or processing power as and when required. The engineers showed off the prototype to Dave Hakkens of phonebloks fame.

An earlier model that saw daylight is the Spiral 1 that has creamy white modules and the familiar endoskeleton. Less dazzling than the mockups that Google showed off at the Google I/O this year in June, the Spiral 1 does however actually work.
The video shows the device successfully booting past the Android boot screen into the OS. NK Labs says that the prototype is only half open to developers at the moment but they have made improvements to the Spiral 1 which will be shown in Google's next Project Ara developer conference.
The Spiral 2 will use chips manufactured by Toshiba that will give developers more access to the modular spaces on the device. This smartphone for the future will make its appearance in January at the developers conferences in the US and Singapore.

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