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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Introducing 'Airtype' a keyboardless keyboard

AirType is a new prototype concept which will let you throw away your keyboard and type like an idiot, an idea we’re not sold on for aesthetic reasons besides others. Imagine pretending to work on an invisible keyboard so that you’re pretty much wiggling your fingers in mid-air in order to hit out text on the tablet or PC to which it is hooked up.
The alternative is the much more sensible and currently available speech-to-text technology, but here’s what AirType all about anyway. The concept is designed to look like a pair of cuffs wrapped around you palm, above the thumbs and below the rest of your fingers. And just like that, you have a silly little imaginary keyboard in your head.
AirType apparently learns the way your fingers move and monitors these movements to figure out the letters you intend to key in. The Texas-based start-up admits that the concept is still in its very early stages of being built. It’s possible that the gizmo will connect to your device over Bluetooth or NFC since it doesn’t have any wires.
But we really don’t understand how this alternate keyboard can study the way users type and work based on that. A lot of poeple hit on keys erratically and not many bother to master the skill of typing. What’s more, so little information has been provided in the Vimeo video we’ve embedded below, it’s difficult to fully comprehend the idea.
Maybe you think we shouldn’t knock it till we’ve tried it? Here’s the link to the official website hosting the AirType alternate keyboard concept, just in case you’d like to see more.

AirType Concept

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